…about sketching.


Just a little peek at my underwear. I was having trouble figuring out how to lay out individual projects on my website to keep the solution scalable. So I threw some ink on a page. There’s not much there, but it helped me quickly figure out how the HTML related to the desired layout, and get an idea of how many divs it would take to achieve the desired effect. This just goes to show that sketches needn’t be crisp or even fully finished to get the job done.


…about people.

People are little more than mushy blobs, filled with some mixture of water, carbon, experiences, biases, expectations, disappointments, and needs. People are the reason I have a job. Considering that people come each with their own unique and cloudy history, it’s a wonder designers like me think we can solve problems for most of them. He’ll, when I think about it, I’m pretty amazed that there’s even such a thing as a┬ámajority of users that I can find some way to design for at all.