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  1. Have you ever thought about calnilg that fellow who does steampunk work and checking if he can steampunkify that headlamp for you? I bet it’d make for a pretty cool conversion!(Also, the word verification here was “prialid”. Sounds like a fitting name for an insectoid alien race. Actually, let me write that down…)

    • With more than 100 sketchers ctioributnng to this book it is just a treasure trove of sketches from around the world. Some focus on the architecture, some on the people, but all capture real places in real time. Each image has notes on the materials and time used to create it. Sprinkled throughout the book are tips from many of the artists. If you are a sketcher, or just an armchair traveler, this is a unique way to see the world not through someone’s camera but through their sketchbook. I’ll go back to this book again and again.

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